Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Its not just me about the lids ...

Okay, so i am at oakland international airport with two of my coworkers waiting for our flight to Dallas depart. I was delegated as the bag watcher as the two of them went to the ATM, got coffee, etc. As Joanna is coming back with my coffee I notice that she has drips of coffee I all of her hands.

Ah-ha! I am not crazy. Turns out these coffee cups were worse than Starbucks coffee cups. I had to continually, as I was drinking my brew, take the lid off and wipe down the inner ring of the lid which at this point was a reservoir for my coffee ... Now its off to a meeting in Dallas -- but you all know where I will be heading first.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

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Starbuck's coffee lids are abysmal

Anyone ever had trouble with the lids on Starbuck's coffee. I do. Everyday. I swear there must be a science to the application of a starbuck's coffee lid. One wrong move and a little bit of coffee to a nice general dripping of coffee will surely find its way out.

The first flaw in the lids is actually a flaw in the Starbuck's coffee cup. See that seam running down one side of the cup. That is you worst enemy. For a Starbuck's coffee cup to not spill whatsoever (and even this does not seem to work) that seam needs to be 180 degrees opposite the opening in the lid. Perhaps this is common sense, but I can assure you that Starbuck's employee's do not always, when making your coffee, place the lid at this orientation.

What does this lead to you may ask ... Well everyday while driving to work I will place my starbucks coffee cup in one of my Accord's cupholders. All is well so far. As my drive commences however is when the spillage begins. Because of the fullness of the coffee cup the stop and go motion of the car inevitably leads to some coffee spilling to the top of the cup. But you have a lid on you say. Yes, very nice. But a small protrusion forms where the seam of the coffee cup meets the lid. Coffee will collect here and when it has formed into large enough drops begin dripping down the side of the cup.

THIS CANNOT ONLY HAPPEN TO ME. Someone out there who shares my grief please post your starbucks coffee cup mishap.

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