Sunday, June 15, 2008

HD and Special Effects revisited

Okay, I am convinced that as I previously mentioned in this post: Does High-Def make great SFX look bad- there is something about watching a special effects laden movie in HD that is wrong. The green screening is too noticeable.

I just got back from a buddies house and where we watched half of Spiderman 3. We were flipping through OnDemand and saw it there and he was like, I have it on Blu-Ray, probably better than the HD delivered through Comcast (although technically it shouldn't be right??).

All of the scenes of Spidey swinging or that had extensive aerial maneuvering look too fake, especially the first battle between New Goblin and Peter. Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing and seeing the action in HD is great, but the composting is that much more noticeable.

I am thinking we are back in the early days of special effects where the blue screen was extremely noticeable - that got better and better. Now with the increased use of virtual sets and a higher resolution picture, we need to another technological leap to get the composition and lighting of the various elements of the digital scene and the real scene matched up better.

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