Thursday, April 28, 2005

The dreaded nine ball ...

Get in the hole 9 ball ...

My silence is broken. Haven't blogged in awhile, but oh well. A lot of stuff has been happening ... work is good, life is good, everythings good. A few extradoinary things have happened in between my last posts that were probably worth writing about but last night something happened which doesn't ever happen. Ever. Never ever.

I warn you that this post is probably only exciting to me and you will find it just mildly amusing - if that.

Last night Chaffee, Jessica, and I are playing pool at Classic Billiards. Chaffee and I play once a week on average and have become pretty good, but last night was abysmal and Jessica was kicking our ass (on the last game at least).

So I have a very simple shot midway through a game of cutthroat. Cue ball is at one end of the table, 9 ball is perched at the lip of the opposite corner pocket. Simple right. Just ram the cue ball over, hit the 9 ball in and then have the cue ball place itself back on the side of the table where it started (where my other balls are).

I gear up, thinking nothing of the shot, and slam the cue ball down the green felt. It speeds along and crushes into the 9-ball careening away. Okay so this is the great part. The 9 ball plunges into the pocket, does one of those curly whirlwind things around the side of the pocket (this is what I am guessing), hits the other ball that was already in the pocket, BOUNCES OUT (it fucking bounces out), lands back on the table and resumes its inert position in the exact same place it started.

Unbelievable ... I told you it never happens.

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