Monday, January 02, 2006

Where was the countdown!

So me and about 20 friends were at the crawlSF Crossing Bar New Years Eve party in the city. Overall it was a pretty good party, but there is one thing missing considering this was a New Years Eve party. There was no F*cking countdown.

So we are all dancing and I glanced at my watch and realize it was like 11:55 pm. I look around the dance floor (okay i was wasted at this point, I more or less probably shook my head around the room) and see that everything is the same as it was a few minutes prior - people dancing, people boozing, security walking around - but no one gearing up for the big moment when the clock strikes 12. We kept dancing a little longer.

The people we were dancing with were making there way to the outside bar. I figured they knew something about the countdown so me and my other buddy followed. We get outside and I look at my watch. It is literally 12:02 and nothing has happened: no champagne toast, no countdown, it was like everyone was completely oblivious to the fact that it was now 2006 and no longer 2005. Now you may say, big deal, it was a party, get over it. And for the most part i am, but part of the fun of New Years is getting together with all of your friends, getting blizted, and then at 11:59 PM chanting at the top of your lungs 10, 9, 8 .... down to 1.

Anyhow, our revelation that it was the new year was met with a bunch of us standing in a circle and muttering something like "Well its 2006" - after that we were dancing again, it just felt like normal party - not New Years. I would go to the same party again only because its an easy way (not cheap mind you) of getting 20 of your friends to get into the same place and not worry about planning it on your own - but next year there needs to be a countdown...

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