Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Finally, its done ... time to Feast

So when I was in Europe, oh so long ago, I was enraptured by a series of books. I started reading them on the plane ride over to London, would read them at night in the various hostels and hotel rooms, read them on trains traveling amongst the different countries -- I read them everywhere. This also entailed finding English bookstores in non-English speaking countries to buy the next installments of the series.

Well I came home from Europe 2 months after starting the first book and was over halfway done with the 3rd book which in some European countries was released in two separate parts because it was so damn big (1500+ pages).

The series is The Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin, and the last time I picked up a book from the series was 2002. I have waited oh so patiently to read the next installment of the series and seeing that it is 2005 now I was kind of wondering when my man George was going to finish writing the damn thing. Well, seems he has and it also seems that there are two books coming not one: Check out the About a Feast of Crows link.

Seems the book is being split into two, because it is much larger than the last book and I guess when books get that large they cause publishing nightmares. Anyhow, all of you should pick up the first book in the series and give it a go. I think the "official" title of the genre would be Epic Fantasy or some other professional sounding phrase. You can check out the new book: Feast of Crows here.

Monday, May 23, 2005

24 kicks ass

That show rocks. I think its the most fullfilling TV experience I have ever had (TV mind you, not movies). The end was brutal when Audrey finds out (or is led to believe) that both the men she loved. Can't wait till 2006 (actually I can, but good TV is hard to come by).

Sunday, May 15, 2005

here kitty kitty ...

It's Friday, after a long week of work. One of my coworkers told me of this great massage place to go to. I had recently kinked up my neck in my valiant efforts to begin working out again, and I thought that was just the thing I needed to unwind and prepare for a weekend that would undoubtedly involve my friend Mr. Grey Goose. So I head over to the massage place, Mill Valley Massage, and am treated to a great full body rub down (get your minds out of the gutter), where again I learned that my legs do not like getting massaged, it just tickles too much.

I digress. This post ultimately ends with my cat as is evidenced by the title. So the massage is great and I head home still covered in a light film of massage oils. It felt like the feeling you get when you are at the beach and put your clothes on over your sunscreen. Anyhow, I arrive at my home and am still very relaxed from the massage. Before I make plans for the evening I want to take a quick little nap.

I crawl into my bed and am manuevering the covers around when I see it. And by it I mean the nice little dollop of shit that my cat left in my covers. Two questions crossed my mind: 1) Why in the hell did my cat shit in my bed and 2) how long as the shit been there. Have I been sleeping with shit for the past few nights. I have a pretty large bed all too myself, for all I know the cat has been using it as her goddamn litter box.

In the matter of a few moments my relaxed self was unrelaxed and quite alert from the now apparent shit smell that was covering my bed. Strange that this one moment in my life gives credence to the saying, "I slept like (in) shit."

After cleaning up the little mess and burning my bed sheets (not really) I did a little investigating. Sure enough as I suspected my cat had left me a dingleberry of a shit that it had strutted around the house.

There were some smears of shit on the bathroom floor where her litter box is and more remnanats in the entry. It makes me wonder if my cat purposefully toted her little dingleberry around until she was able to ceremoniously drop it on my bed.

I may never know...

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