Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Finally, its done ... time to Feast

So when I was in Europe, oh so long ago, I was enraptured by a series of books. I started reading them on the plane ride over to London, would read them at night in the various hostels and hotel rooms, read them on trains traveling amongst the different countries -- I read them everywhere. This also entailed finding English bookstores in non-English speaking countries to buy the next installments of the series.

Well I came home from Europe 2 months after starting the first book and was over halfway done with the 3rd book which in some European countries was released in two separate parts because it was so damn big (1500+ pages).

The series is The Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin, and the last time I picked up a book from the series was 2002. I have waited oh so patiently to read the next installment of the series and seeing that it is 2005 now I was kind of wondering when my man George was going to finish writing the damn thing. Well, seems he has and it also seems that there are two books coming not one: Check out the About a Feast of Crows link.

Seems the book is being split into two, because it is much larger than the last book and I guess when books get that large they cause publishing nightmares. Anyhow, all of you should pick up the first book in the series and give it a go. I think the "official" title of the genre would be Epic Fantasy or some other professional sounding phrase. You can check out the new book: Feast of Crows here.

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chaosTheory said...

i think i'm 1/7th through the first book... it's long! and i got sidetracked by another book since ;)

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