Thursday, May 20, 2004


So last night my girlfriend and a friend from college went out to get a drink after watching the Kings lose in yet another game 7. I ordered up a Grey Goose on the rocks and my girlfriend and friend each had Spicy Bloody Mary's ... I tend to be a quick drinker and was done as they were midway through theirs.

Without notice, the bartender had another Grey Goose for me. Now Grey Goose is not exactly cheap so Matt and I are looking at each other thinking the bartender is trying to make some more money off of us then he already would. Whatever though, I would have probably ordered another one anyway.

The bill comes and he only charged us for three drinks -- my second Grey Goose was free. Thinking oh this bartender is cool, I gave him a big tip -- double I guess from what he would have gotten.

I guess I would feel like an asshole if I did not tip him properly since he "hooked" us up, but in the end its just like me paying for my second Gray Goose and giving him a normal tip. Just some thoughts for you to chew on -- nothing is really free, unless of course you are the "asshole".

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