Monday, October 17, 2005

Tokyo: Day 3

Alas, today was a work day, but I still managed to be amazed (and continually am being amazed, as I am still at work right now, but decided I needed to capture my thoughts). For one, the Autodesk office here kicks some major ass. It's on the 24th floor of this uber (that's right - uber) cool building called the Harumi Triton Square Tower. As I have alluded to before everything here is big. The lobby to this set of towers is an immense cavern of architeture. Very cool. Then you walk through these automatic sliding doors that seems to manifest out of nowhere.

Even the bathrooms are fun (but I won't get into that). There are just so many small things here in Tokyo (and Japan) that add up to making life a little simpler, and a little more pleasant - the bathrooms, the cleanliness, a subway that I could have figured out when I was 5, the little umbrella holders inside of the doorways (we have a lot of rain in SF, why don't we have those??) - just a lot of cool stuff.

One thing I have not talked about much yet is the nightlife here and that is partly because the jetlag has been killing me. I hear all of my highschool and college friends groaning and saying to sack up. Well, I haven't really. Last night in bed at 9:30, up at 5:30. Should make it easy to catch my flight to Seoul, Korea later this week.

Anyhow, tonight more of the crew from Autodesk is here and we are going out for dinner for sure. Last night we went to a great noodle place where I had some beef noodle dish. Also shared a large mug (I'm serious they gave us a mug of hot sake - I was stoked - hey Sean - definitely wasn't like in Waikiki where we were cut off :)).

Last night's dinner was also in a new district I had yet to see, Roppinggi Hills. This is a very moderm, up and coming, fun, youthful place. I actually want to go back tonight to check it out some more.

Okay, off to do some more work - more updates later.

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