Sunday, August 10, 2008

Internet News Ruins the Olympics

So I am watching the Olympics on NBC and enjoying what had been a fairly close game between China and the USA basketball team. At halftime I think USA was leading by ten or twelve. I then went into my room to check some email and browse the web and this greets me:

USA Beats China

Yes, I went to Google News so you could say its my own fault, but come on. Google should throw up a temporary option to delay Olympic news by a day.

Note: I almost posted this during the game but then I would have just been contributing to the problem for the 1 person who reads this blog. That's you Chaffee!


chaosTheory said...

that's it, i'm not going to read anymore :P

chaffee said...

fortunately, there's usually a delay between the time that you post and when it shows up in google reader. thanks for the consideration though. ;-)

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