Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wow, I am generating some traffic

Well it seems as if more people actually read this blog now, at least two that I know of: Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines and Steve Johnson, Blog Nauseam.  As Steve mentions we do tend to agree on disagreeing and this time it is my Mojave Experiment post. But what I don't agree with is Steve's interpretation of my post. I said that the Mojave Experiment is "cool" and "great".  Whether a gimmick or not it is a fun experiment. I don't think this is serious marketing or will be able to make any big waves for Microsoft in ramping up Vista adoption. That said I think the experiment does show how brainwashed the everyday consumer is around Vista. I have friends and relatives when asked about Vista will reply, "Oh, I have heard its bad." From who - someone else who heard it was bad, the Apple commercials (because those aren't biased, right), etc.

The Mojave Experiment will at its best be a small viral addition to what will be their next large scale ad campaign.

Also, the mojaveexperiment site now uses Silverlight (definitely not because of my surprise) ...

Lastly, Steve, those early posts can get a little racy ... I now write all of that kind of stuff to friends only on Facebook :) ... Happy reading ...



Mason said...

Be careful what you wish for Matt...


I agree with you on Vista; I've been using it almost exclusively since it was in ALPHA, and I feel like I want to vomit whenever I have to use XP.

Steve Johnson said...

Matt, I'm not sure how you can disagree with my interpretation of your post, as I didn't make one! :)

I simply pointed people at what you wrote, and then gave my own views on the subject. These were intended to be read as standalone views rather than a contradiction of your own, although I can understand how they could be construed as the latter. I actually wrote most of those comments elsewhere weeks earlier, before I even knew your blog existed.

Oh, and I'm not bothered by the "racy" posts. I've been a fair bit more racy than that myself over the years, but only where that sort of thing is considered acceptable.

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