Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Burning drums, ramrods and more ...

Been meaning to write a whole bunch of stuff down. First off a congrats to my brother for graduating high school. Although it was not much fun for him (the school part) he pulled through and is done. Finito. I'll try to get a shot of him in is gown up here so you all have the proof.

Did a lot of drinking this weekend, mainly because that is what happens on the weekend when the number of close friends that are actually living in the town you grew up in almost doubles for a night.

First up was George. He came in to do some airshow in ?San Carlos? Anyhow met up with Isaac and him at Salute. After having a drink there we made the trek over to the Broken Drum. We sit down, order a pitcher of IPA and start bullshitting like we always do. There is a buy your friend a drink board there and someone had bought someone a Keg.

So I am wondering how much a keg costs and I ask the bartender. She rattles off some number off the top of her head and then goes to get me the keg list. She walks over to the register area and comes back exclaiming about how the keg list was burned when there was a fire over a week back. Then she sniffs the air a few times, and says, "Can't you guys smell that, its like burnt rubber." To which my eloquent Naval Aviator George replies, "I live in a shithole, this smells great." ... Now it wasn't quite exactly what he said (although if you were there you would have been crying your eyes out from laughter like me and Isaac), but the way he said it. It was so matter of fact. At first I thought maybe this was how George flirts, but then I realized this was not flirting, it was what it was. I could go on about this, but I will not: suffice to say that the mind will come up with some strange shit after a few drinks.

Fast forward a few days, in-between of which I saw Harry Potter which I will have a full fledged review for (or maybe just a mini one). Very enjoyable movie. Monday night I spent the latter half of the evening at Moylan's drinking a pint or two with Jason, Kristen, Dan, Isaac and my other half, Laura. Don't really know how to transition into saying this but -- "Ramrods" ... who really knows what that means. We had a semi-philosophical discussion about Ramrods and the act of Ramrodding ... yes you can see where this is going. You have been warned.

In the midst of it all Jason decides that Ramrods are "prosthetic boners" ... hmmm hopefully i remember that correctly. If that isn't what he said then that must be what I subconsciously think ramrods are. Anyway, if you and your friends have never gone into an indepth discussion about what ramrodding could possibly be, then I suggest you start one.

At this point the conversation dove-tailed into some RealSex show on HBO where this woman was doing her husband in the ass with a "ramrod" while she had a butt plug in her ass with feathers on it.

On that note, Happy Wednesday...

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