Friday, June 25, 2004

Gratuitous locker room nudity is not needed

Okay, so let me explain this. I am in my companies gym changing into my gym clothes. There is a row of lockers and a mirror so that you can kind of see the two rows adjacent to you. So I am doing my own thing and changing when out of the corner of my eye, I see flesh, a lot of it, man flesh at that (cause I'm in the men's locker room).

I'm in a locker room right? This is fine. But I am a slow changer and its my first time in the gym so I am getting my keys tucked away, and my wallet ensuring they are locked up. Then I start changing. I go from jeans to workoutpants in about 10 seconds. Then out of the corner of my eye I am still seeing the man flesh. What the fuck? Is this needed. This guy had stripped down to his bare ass with just a shirt on and for the next three minutes is doing all of his organizing (keys, wallet, shoes, etc.).

Does this strike anyone else as odd. Although it is perfectly okay to be nude in a locker room, there is no reason to flaunt/show off your wares. Take off your underwear/boxers, put the next pair on and then do whatever else you have to do. Don't take off your pants, let it hang out and flop around the locker room like its your own living room, wait five minutes and then put your "workout" pair of underwear on.

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Johnny said...

I've been exposed to the same thing here in San Sebastian. There is a group of spanish guys staying in the dorm and they strip down right there and do their thing. Guess it isn't as taboo here in Europe. On the plus side I saw a girl changing her shirt outside the hostel. Her and her friends didn't think anyone was around but boy were they surprised when I came up the stairs. Good timing, nice view. I made sure to say hola as I passed by. Oh yeah, there's boobies on the beach too.

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