Monday, June 07, 2004


So last week my friend changed my profile image for this blog. It really gives the impression that I am obsessed with Martini's... just look at my smile and that crazed look in my eye. Well at the time, I probably was. Anyway, you may ask how he could do such a thing. He hosts the images for my blog so he can change them at his will.

Little bastard.

Anyhow ... the weekend was quite relaxing. Tried to see "Harry Potter 3" on Friday night but it was sold out to my dismay. I do have two movie reviews coming up though. "Shrek 2" which I saw before Memorial Day and "Day After Tomorrow", which I 'begged' a friend to come and see with me last night.

I did not really beg, but my girlfriend did not want to go, citing that both Harry Potter and Day After Tomorrow are two movies she does not care to see, which is cool, I'm a movie nut and have to see them all. Anyhow me and Mr. Noh saw Roland Emmerich's latest and all in all is was pretty good. More details on that and Shrek 2 later.

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